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Apr. 13, 2016:
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Sep. 24, 2013:
DCG IDGrab v2.3 released.


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DCG News - IDGrab v2.0 Released

Mount Pleasant, MI, USA, October 25, 2011

DCG is pleased to announce the public release of a new version of IDGrab, a data gathering system intended to help scrap metal dealers comply with state and local laws regarding nonferrous metal sales. The new version of IDGrab includes enhanced reporting that makes it easier to provide transaction information to police or other authorities along with copies of thumbprint and driver's license images.

This new version of IDGrab now supports the storage of both front and rear ID/license images as well as the attachment of document images for yards with a desire to store copies of invoices or other documentation along with the other transaction data.

IDGrab makes it easy for dealers to capture and store required customer data (including Driver's License or State ID number, birth date, and a digital thumbprint). IDGrab is intended to work with a dealer's existing system for customer and order management so that minimal changes are required to be in compliance with the law.

IDGrab is running successfully at multiple yards in Michigan and Wisconsin and is available for immediate purchase. Contact DCG for more information or to place an order.

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