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Apr. 13, 2016:
TSIMS v5.8.5 released.


Oct. 5, 2015:
Corr MD v2.5.0 released.


Sep. 24, 2013:
DCG IDGrab v2.3 released.


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DCG News - TSIMS v5.8.5 Released

Mount Pleasant, MI, USA, April 13, 2016

DCG has released v5.8.5 of TSIMS. TSIMS is a customized, internal pipeline data management and integration tool developed for a group of DCG clients, including Kinder Morgan, the largest energy infrastructure company in North America. This version rolls in several recent upgrades to the system including automated report generation and delivery as well as enhanced sample decision making tools. TSIMS is not available to the public. DCG's Corr MD pipeline tool offers similar functionality in a commercially available product.

About DCG

DCG is a software development firm that specializes in database applications for engineering and process control. DCG has been developing for the pipeline industry for over twenty-five years. The majority of applications developed for this industry have been used to help clients solve corrosion management problems. DCG possesses a high level of expertise in all phases of software development including conceptualization, user interface design, database support, integration and software architecture.